Icelandic Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen by GenF20 Healthy Skin and Joints 180
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Icelandic Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen by GenF20 Healthy Skin and Joints 180

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A funny thing about countries where people tend to live longer and look better. They often focus on fish-based diets – a trait that has many anti-aging benefits, including skin and joints. There's plenty of evidence to back this up. And there are plenty of reasons why Icelandic Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen by GenF20® can help you age well and FEEL great. We sourced it with wild deep sea Icelandic cod, for one. Marine collagen, like that in Icelandic Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, typically absorbs 1.5 times more efficiently than collagen from other sources. It can help reduce signs of skin aging, among other things, and possibly even prevent deep skin wrinkle development. Your joints will like it too. A 2013 study found fish collagen helps with bone healing and regeneration – a challenge we all face as our bodies get older. There's also a fascinating connection between collagen and your gut – AKA your 'second brain' according to Dr. Steven Lamm. A 2003 study looked at 170 patients with inflammatory bowel disease. They were more likely to have lower levels of serum collagen, in part because collagen lines gut tissue, and helps protect particles and toxins from leaking into the bloodstream. With less collagen in the gut, you're at higher risk of IBS, gut problems, bad digestion and age-accelerating inflammation. The point being? Use Icelandic Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen on its own or with GenF20 Plus® to age younger, both externally and inside your body. But do SOMETHING, because collagen levels decrease with time!


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