Dermefface FX7 3 Bottles Skinception Scar Reduction Therapy Acne Burn Remover
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Dermefface FX7 3 Bottles Skinception Scar Reduction Therapy Acne Burn Remover

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The Leading Edge LEM00071 Skinception Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy is a scientifically advanced blend of clinically proven active ingredients, moisturizers and antioxidants, made to flatten, fade and minimize scars for good. This luxurious, non-greasy and fast-absorbing cream, speeds healing on every layer of skin. The cream begins to promote the regrowth of healthy skin by the increased production of both Type I and Type III collagen. Once the skin has been damaged, scars occur as a result of the over or under-production of collagen. If there is too much collagen being produced your scar will be larger and more discolored and if there is not enough collagen being produced then your scar will be weak and vulnerable to injuries in the future. The cream also increases the turnover of skin cells and replaces the scarred cells with healthy and normal cells in as little as 4-weeks. For best results apply Dermefface as soon as your wound is healed over and dry. On minor scars apply twice daily for 3 to 4-months and for deep surgery or injury scars apply twice daily for a minimum of 6-months. Keep in mind scars can take up to 2-years to fully mature and a minimum 90-day commitment is recommended for all scar types. Dermefface can also be used to significantly diminish the appearance of older scars as well. Skinception blends the most recent developments in skin care technology with the healing properties of natural skin care to create high quality and safe-to-use products for your health, beauty, confidence and quality of life. Since 1999, Leading Edge Health has been an industry leader in providing digestive health, anti-aging, skin care and general health products designed to make you feel more youthful, attractive and vibrant without the use of harmful prescription drugs.



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