What Happens If You Massage These 2 Acupressure Points Behind Your Knees

by John Schindeleon November 11, 2016

One of the most common problems of ageing is the joint pain, especially knee and back joints. This is because the joints and back limbs tend to become less compliant and cartilage begins to erode, causing discomfort and pain.

Many people turn to medication, creams and ointments, trying to get rid of pain, but sometimes the answer is a natural method of treatment. Acupressure is one of these methods.


What Happens If You Massage These 2 Acupressure Points Behind Your Knees


What is Acupressure?

Acupressure does not involve nothing more than applying pressure using your fingers. When you hit certain points on the body, releasing rebalance or qi (pronounced “chi”), a subtle form of energy flowing through the body channels. Or at least this is the explanation given by those who practice traditional Chinese medicine.

Western doctors are not yet sure how acupressure works, although recent studies show that these energy meridians do exist and fingers make the body to release natural painkillers, known as endorphins. These compounds soothes muscle pain and facilitates blood circulation, inducing a state of well being.

According to Michael Reed from Acupressure.com points, these 2 points behind our knees are called GB34 and ST36 points.

Acupressure modern says GB34 point  is located on the side of the leg just below the knee. ST36 point is 4 finger widths below the knee cap and finger width toward the side of the foot. To relieve pain and discomfort, you should massage / press these points every day. GB34 point makes you get rid of nausea, prevent vomiting, pain of sciatica, hip pain, and jaundice. Point ST36 also has role in toning your muscles, or if you have problems with digestion, fatigue or menstruation cramps.



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