Did you know you CAN Reverse Grey Hair?

by John Schindeleon August 10, 2016

Although we have chosen not to unveil any further information, we can affirm that this discovery underscores the importance L'Oreal places in its advanced research.

Cathy Beggan's Go Away Gray claims to "permanently cure gray hair" in as little as eight weeks by delivering the enzyme catalase to the hair follicle.

Go Away Gray -- can such enzyme supplements really keep your hair from going gray?

Her anti-gray remedy was inspired by a much-publicized 2009 study published in the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology's FASEB Journal that found catalase counteracts the body's natural production of hydrogen peroxide, which, over time, bleaches the hair of its natural color from the inside out, leaving it gray.

"That research showed that as we age, we produce less catalase, preventing the hydrogen peroxide from being broken down," Beggan says.

Go Away Gray puts catalase, a plant derivative, back in the body, breaking down the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen and halting the natural graying process, she says. The product affects only the new hair as it comes in at the root, she adds.

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