All Purpose Healing Stick!

by John Schindeleon November 15, 2016


The All Purpose Healing Stick could be called the MIRACLE stick for it’s many all purpose uses!  Make this a go~to blend for breakouts, cuts, bruises, scrapes, bug bites…basically any small skin irritation!
Besides the blend of EOs that I’ll tell you about in a minute, this is the workhorse ingredient of the blend.
If you’re an EO user or even just care about your skin, quality Witch Hazel is a wellness/beauty product you’ll want in your natural medicine cabinet.  So versatile and SO great for your skin!
Let me introduce you to the dream team of healing EOs:  LavenderFrankincense Melaleuca
Really, what CAN’T these EOs take on?  Together  they’re a healing machine and mixed with good Witch Hazel?  Oh mama!  As I mentioned above, you can use and have success with the Healing Stick for blemishes, cuts, burns, bruises, scrapes and bug bites!  The Stick has been a life saver for the nasty gnat bites I’ve been whining about.
If you look closely, you’ll see that the oils will rise to the top of the bottle, no worries…just give the bottle a gentle shake before applying.  Or, add a few crystals of Himalayan Salt, it’s the perfectly pure emulsifier. Apply as needed!

10 drops Lavender
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Melaleuca

Add the essential oils then top off the roller bottle with high quality, non-alcoholic Witch Hazel.

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